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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Horse Canyon

At a workshop I attended last fall, we were challenged to write a poem in which the first stanza uses landscape terms to describe a horse and the second stanza uses horse terms to describe a landscape. Below is what I, after spending a great deal of time with my Thesaurus, came up with. And for those who may ask--no, the second stanza does not depict horses falling to their deaths.

Horse Canyon

Eight hundred pounds of grit
(dust-gray, hardy as sagebrush,
a hillock of wild oats
cresting granite shoulders)
braves the rim of the divide.
Sensing peril, obsidian heels rear back
before the rimrock starts to give.

Great haunches of bay and sorrel
gallop down the mountainside,
the roar of a hundred cannons
echoing flank to flank,
scree clattering in the tail,
kicking up dust until the last chestnut
rolls into a nickering stream.

Ginger Dehlinger
October 2016

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