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Book Club Questions for Never Done

          Book Club Questions for the novel Never Done by Ginger Dehlinger

1. Never Done is divided into seven parts. What traditional 19th century daily chore is implied in each title?

2. Based on the novel’s last line, what do you think Clara’s life will be going forward?

3. Albert is strict and businesslike during most of the story. Give an example of a time he shows his softer side.

4. Throughout the story Geneva is portrayed as self-centered and spoiled. Where does she show some compassion or maturity?

5. The genre for Never Done is historical fiction. Did you learn something about U.S. history that you didn’t know before reading it? If so, please share what you learned.

6. Clara moves from LaJara to Naturita, to Durango, to Gunnison, to Ophir Loop, and finally Montrose, Colorado. Although sorrow and disappointment seem to follow her, which of these “lifes” do you think was her favorite? Why?

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