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Friday, April 12, 2013

Big Al's Reader's Choice Awards

Last month I was surprised and pleased to find my novel Brute Heart was nominated for a Big Al's Books 'n Pals Reader's Choice award. I didn't win, but it felt good to be nominated and I had fun getting the word out to everyone I could think of who had read my book.

Below is what Big Al had to say about the books he reviewed in 2012.
Congratulations - Your book is a nominee in BigAl's Books and Pals 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

In the twelve months ending February 28th, 2013, BigAl and the Pals received over 1,400 books to consider for review. Almost 300 of them were selected, read, and reviewed. From those we chose the books we felt stood out from the pack as exceptional examples of Indie (self-published and small press) writing and divided them into eleven categories.
Your book Brute Heart is nominated in the Contemporary Fiction category. Congratulations.

For two weeks, starting March 18th at 10:00 Eastern Time and ending at Midnight Eastern Time on April 1st, we'll be asking readers to vote for the winner in each category. Winners will be announced the morning of Wednesday, April 3rd. We'll also have a giveaway with various prizes for those who vote.

Winners and nominees of "BigAl's Books and Pals 2012 Readers' Choice Awards" will feature on a special Readers' Choice page at Books and Pals for the next twelve months, with emphasis on the winner in each category.
A ‘Nominee decal’ is attached to this email. If your book wins its category, you will receive a ‘Winner’s decal’. Feel free to use the decals to help your marketing efforts.

As a nominee, you don't have to do anything further. However, if you choose to rally your fans and ask them to vote for you, we won't object.

Good luck,
BigAl and the Pals

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