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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Short Exerpt

I am a slow writer. I revise and revise and revise what I've already written, lucky to add a paragraph or two of new text each day. It's almost like taking one step forward, two steps back, but that's how I eventually reach the end of my manuscript.

For those of you curious to know what I'm working on now, here is an excerpt from the novel I am writing. It's a story inspired by the life of my great-grandmother who moved from Philadelphia to Colorado when she was twelve years old.

As soon as Clara adjusted to her sidesaddle, she and her Aunt Lou began riding across the nameless creeks and unfenced portions of the San Luis Valley. Clara rode ahead, her dark braids bouncing against her back as she punctuated her anger with every thud of her horse’s hooves. The farther she rode, the more she appreciated the rugged beauty of the open range where Mother Nature painted breathtaking landscapes then painted over them when the seasons changed. In the spell of a freedom she’d never known she opened her arms to the assault on her senses that waited in ambush behind every tree and boulder.

From Part I,  "Cowboys and Clotheslines"
Ginger Dehlinger 

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