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Saturday, September 6, 2014

For the Love of Critters

My husband and I enjoy feeding wildlife. We always feed them what's good for them--no potato chips, bread,  or other foods that deteriorate over the winter. It's a joy to watch these little critters; although they soon count on us. Here's a poem I wrote about what happened last summer when we forgot to close the door. PS: we were gone for three days.

Open House

Door open wide,
a place to abide
with a banquet for all
who venture inside.

Donald and kin,
still wet from a swim,
trooped up the steps,
the first to drop in.

Never one to be shy,
Jay stopped by,
ate all the nuts,
and then had to fly.

Peter came, too,
Alvin and crew,
stuffing their cheeks,
the place was a zoo!

It went on for days
this party-like graze,
'til the tall ones returned,
shocked and amazed.

The floor was a fright,
no crashers in sight,
so they cleaned up the mess
and shut the door tight.

Ginger Dehlinger
August 2014

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