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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dead Beetle On the Path

I noticed two wasps circling the carcass of a shiny black beetle, lying on its back in the middle of a path, its legs curled inward as if protecting its heart. 

First I wondered if a beetle has a heart. Then I wondered if the beetle on the path died naturally or came into contact with some perverted substance brought to this far-flung place by humans. 

I wish everyone walking along this river would observe and respect the flora and fauna that rightfully occupy its  banks.  I regret the times when, wrapped in my own thoughts or engaged in conversation, I fail to observe how barren my experience would be if the sounds and sightings of creatures, even bugs, were to vanish.

This much I know, as stewards of the land we must not enhance our quality of life at the expense of the living things that drink from these waters, nest in these bushes, or scurry along these paths.

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