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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Early Feedback

In October of this year I gave my manuscript to seven people for their feedback. I wasn't really finished with the polishing process (will I ever be?), but Ellen Waterston, a Bend author and poet, suggested I take this plunge in order to determine whether I had written something people would actually enjoy reading. Since Brute Heart includes medical and veterinary details, I thought this would also be a great way to make sure the research I had done was accurate and appropriately used.

My "reviewers" were Dan Murphy, a physician well-versed in Oregon's assisted suicide parameters and a budding author himself; Karen Lilly, a rancher from Keno, Oregon; Deanna Berry, a retired librarian; Susan Loomis, a semi-retired veterinarian; Maria Wattier, a substance abuse counselor; Carla Hoagland, a retired English teacher and avid reader; and Jane Williamson, a Bend professional woman and avid reader.

The feedback was mostly positive and I received some excellent suggestions. I am currently incorporating these suggestions while I await permission from Harper Collins to use part of a poem by Sylvia Plath as my epigraph. More on this later.

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