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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Epigraph

I am hoping to use part of "Daddy," a poem by Sylvia Plath as the epigraph for Brute Heart. In order to do so I have to get written permission from the publisher of the book in which the poem appeared. I sent a letter requesting permission on November 9 which was returned to me for more information. On December 8 I resent my request along with details such as when the book is to be published, how many copies, hard bound or paperback, etc. I am hoping to hear from the publishing company soon so I can proceed with getting my novel printed.

You may be interested to note that I got the idea for the title, Brute Heart, from the poem I hope to receive permission to quote. If you look up the poem, you will quickly discover the intended epigraph.

NOTE (added February 2011): Some things happen for a reason, and now that my book has been on the market for going on six months, I realize the epigraph I originally intended for my book was too harsh and not a true picture of a story that focuses on one woman't triumph over the circumstances of her birth.

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